Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day 22 - FAILURE

       Ahh, the spookiest, most horribly inevitable things of all! The universe punching you in the stomach as the understood international sign language translation of "Told ya so!", that rotten stench of a heartless, sneering laugh from I missed thee.

      Siiiigh...going away for a long weekend of fun fall frolicking combined with only thinking up this whole cockamamie idea on the first of the month combined with never quite having a full roster of entries and therefore always racing the calendar combined with being a generally awful, lazy and easily distracted person, it was bound to happen.

     But! I'm not done. There's still over a week left of spooky Octoberness. And I lied at the very beginning, I didn't rank this whole list, but I have been holding off on some of my most favorite of things for the home stretch. And at this late point in the schedule there is the high probability of sometimes getting TWO entries a day, I know the 6-8 people reading and the few who clicked on the blog entirely by accident are giddy at that thought.

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