Wednesday, November 30, 2016

25 Days of A Christmas Carol!!

Since my Halloween experiment a few years ago, I'd been trying to think of another project of a similar vein. Some concept or theme that made it easy to generate a bunch of daily posts.

Doing something for another holiday sounded fun. I've always enjoyed A Christmas Carol, probably because until A Nightmare Before Christmas it was the spookiest Christmas story out there and it was a good loophole to get a few more ghosts in after October. And since it has achieved pop culture tenure and seemingly any approach by any creative team will get approved and rushed into production, I would have more than enough to keep me busy until the 25th.

I don't know why exactly there are, on average, 4.3 adaptations released each and every year, but it means there's quite the variety to choose from and that's nice. I'm sure by the time I get through my tenth stuffy, sooty faithful adaptation I'll be glad to break up the monotony with some goofy pastiche. I'm going to be lenient with eligible entries. I could probably scrape up twenty-five feature length, straight faced retellings but I'm also allowing TV specials and reimaginings that might alter the setting or exact character lineup but keeps the classic narrative backbone of "jerk learns how to not be a jerk".

Some I've seen several times before but most will be first time(and last) viewings...and I'll be up front with you, it might get weird. It's truly remarkable how many options you really have when you say, "I think I wanna watch A Christmas Carol tonight." When you remake something dozens of times, you're bound to end up in some strange places occasionally.

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