Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Office Strikes Back -WIP 3-28-10

All righty, the first featured painting! I started this over a year ago and finally decided to go back and finish it. One night in November of '08, I think I might've seen the Empire Strikes Back poster in some shape or form and thought replacing Han and Leia with Jim and Pam from The Office and having Dwight looming in the background in place of Darth Vader seemed like a funny idea. So I started gathering screencaps I liked and sketching out the composition. I worked on it for about a week, finished Andy and Kevin and started Michael and then, as I do with a lot of my projects, thought that I was an idiot for ever thinking this was funny and it'd probably be best to have my hands chopped off to spare the small group of people who might see this or any other moronic scribblings the awkward feelings of embarrassment and pity. I have to work fast or this is what typically happens to projects, so larger, more complex drawings like this are always scary.

But on March 28, 2010, after not touching the file for nearly a year and a half, I got a notion to do some more work in Corel Painter and thought it'd be good to go back and finish this one up. This was the progress and layout as of that date.

It's often a very good thing to step back from your work for sometime, looking at it again with fresh eyes and different mindset the flaws will jump out. Upon loading up the image, all I could think of was how boring it seemed. The Office has a great ensemble and all I put on there was five measly characters? That wouldn't do. I was enthusiastic to rejigger the composition and was excited about the project as a whole again. It's good to step away and come back, it was funny again.

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