Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Office Strikes Back -WIP 4-20-10

Bit of a gap between progress pictures, as I hadn't really conceived of this blog until earlier this month. My intentions now, though, are to post at least weekly updates on my current projects. Michael's done, Kelly's done, Toby was just finished last night. Also, for the first time I saved a picture with the color layers visible. I paint in greyscale and add the color afterwards in separate layers, I don't know if that technique is frowned upon and seen as a crutch, but I'm still getting used to painting directly with colors and I'm more comfortable for the time being with this method. The colors aren't final, there's a lot about them I don't like, but I like being able to check the colors as I work to make sure the values I've laid down are working.

Here's another shot of the sketch layer hidden and the black background in place. You can see the Creed placeholder in between Toby and Kevin, I'm starting on him tonight.

Unfortunately, while it was a good thing, being away from the drawing for so long also meant I didn't fall back into the exact same groove, style wise. And now Kevin and Andy look a bit different than everyone else and they'll need another pass to tighten up their looks to match my currently desired level of detail.

Since coming back to "The Office Strikes Back" last month, I thought about starting up this blog and I also decided that my goal would be to finish this poster up in time for the art show and auction at the San Diego Comic-Con in July. I'm still excited and self-motivated to work on the poster, but having a deadline looming will certainly help keep my nose to the grindstone.

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