Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Office Strikes Back -WIP 6-8-10

It's been a while.

Didn't take long for me to fail in my goal of a weekly update. Real, paying work and Xbox distracted me for a couple weeks. I've done a lot in the last couple weeks though and am in the home stretch. At this point, I've finished Stanley, Angela, and Ryan. I also drew a new body for Kelly as I wasn't liking both the ladies having the same sort of pose and the crossed arms were much more appropriate with Angela's judgmental expression and nature.

I also went back to an old idea of having the Dunder-Mifflin building in the center of the group and dropping the title graphic. This started off as an Empire Strikes Back spoof and while Jim, Pam and Dwight are still recognizable as references to that poster...overall, I felt it didn't really make sense anymore to actually label it as "The Office Strikes Back", it's become its own beast now.

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