Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's the big one...the 95% finished poster. This is what I sent away with my Comic-Con art show application last week. There's still a couple more passes and lot of little tweaks to be made, but the June 30th deadline was bearing down on me and I had to just get it to a point of completion I was satisfied enough with. I wish I'd been better about snapping some progress shots along the way with Jim and Pam and the building...but oh well, I was concerned with finishing as quickly as possible.

I'm fairly happy with how it's turned out and looking forward to getting the last polishes in there and seeing it printed. This is the most ambitious personal project I've tackled, I had some more involved, labor intensive stuff in school, but this is the biggest project I've attempted since graduating. It felt good to finally see this through to the end.

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