Friday, July 2, 2010

Dharma Initiative skin for Android's Beautiful Widget clock

Quick break from the Office stuff.

For you Android owners out there, in the Android Market there is a great set of widgets called Beautiful Widgets. The centerpiece of this set is a nice, large clock and weather display that's fully and easily customizable and skinnable with a little bit of work, and there are already dozens of clock and weather skins available to download and check out. I highly recommend downloading it, especially since I've made my first clock skin and want everyone to check it out!

Since, as of yet, my dream of having an alarm clock based on the countdown timer seen in the Swan hatch throughout season 2 of "LOST" has yet to be fulfilled, I decided to make a simple skin that I can enjoy on my Droid in the meantime.

Yes, since "LOST" naturally invites scrutiny and nitpicking, the right side of the clock should have black numbers on white tiles, but it wasn't possible given the nature of skinning the existing widget. But I still get a kick out of it, even with this huge inaccuracy.

Here's a handy QR code to quickly get you to Beautiful Widgets in the market. And you can find mine and all other skins by clicking the weather icon, hitting your 'Menu' button and hitting the 'Skins' button that pops up. There's a ton of cool clocks in there.

And if you've already downloaded the skin, please let me know if there are any problems with how the images are laid out on your device. Like I mentioned, I have a Droid, so a couple of the graphics I had to create are for other phones and so I can not test and verify that they came out perfectly.

You can see the weather skin I'm working on as well in the image above, sort of Dharma inspired to go with this clock. It and another version of Dharma-based weather icons will be online soon.


  1. hey dude, love the widget, what weather icon skin is that? both are really sweet?

  2. I am also curious about the weather icon skin...I'd love to get hold of it. would go great with my current set up.

    Good work on the skin, keep it up!

  3. Hey guys, glad you like the weather set. It's called "Dharma Buttons" and I've just submitted it to LevelUp Studios, hopefully it will be online in the next day or two.

    I'll make a blog post when I know it's available to download. Thanks for the comments and checking out the blog!

  4. Hey Jason, Has your Dharma Inititative Super Clock theme been removed from the list? I can only find the Dharma Buttons

    1. Hi Jeff,

      My skin isn't a Super Clock skin, but made for the original clock. I made this before the Super Clock was around and haven't tried designing for it yet.

  5. I just recently downloaded this, and I just noticed the absent white tiles on the right side. I also figured that I was due to the type of coding allowed or whatever. Still nice. I hope one day we can get the exact replica!

    I am now looking for a wallpaper (for my lockscreen) that is in the same style as the opening title shot of LOST. Wouldn't it be cool to have one that says DROID? I don't have photoshop, but I was hoping that you could whip one up Jason.

    Found a tutorial to do it:

    Hope you dont mind giving it a shot. It'd be really appreciated.

  6. Just came across this clock skin, so rad! Only trouble is the numbers don't quite line up right, I have an LG Optimus G