Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Office Strikes Back - 7-12-10

Like a print? You can buy one here!

The final(?) post on The Office poster.

After waiting a couple weeks of not hearing anything and thinking I hadn't made the submission deadline or I'd been rejected, I received a confirmation e-mail and all my paperwork yesterday! I'm officially in the Comic-Con art show. Well, officially, technically an authorized and approved potential participant. I still have to receive the print and get it to San Diego and get it on the wall.

Since I hadn't heard anything, I'd been kinda lackadaisical about finishing the poster, just taking my time since I no longer had a deadline. So when I received that e-mail I had to scramble and stay up late to put the last of the essential details in there so I could have the print by the end of the week. Luckily, I'd been lackadaisical but not to a ridiculously irresponsible point and I didn't have that much left.

Whoever said, "Art is never finished, only released"...yeah, no truer words, and all that. I could spend forever tweaking elements and perfecting the color layer and going over every character with a fine toothed virtual comb to get more details and make everyone cohesive...but that surprise deadline forced me to buckle down and put one more long night into it, and I think with this last push I crossed a satisfactory enough finish line. I'm pleased with it, but I'm also really sick of it and am looking forward to working on something, ANYTHING, else.

Let's see, since the last post...I redid Michael's arms as the previous ones I had drawn from my imagination and they'd been bugging me basically from the moment I drew them, so I found a reference image and now he has some much better ones. The sky and clouds are new. Pam's hair had a ton of detail added. Some color adjustments here and there, as well as some brightness and contrast to help everyone 'fit together'.

So if you happen to be going to Comic-Con next week, stop by the art show and check it out. And bid on it. Please.

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