Friday, December 16, 2016

Dec 9 - A Christmas Carol (1971)

This was a neat one to discover existed. This was a special made for ABC, but it went over so well that it ended up being released theatrically as well. And then went over so well that it was nominated and won an Academy Award. It's the only Christmas Carol so far to do so.

It has a very unique art style, much more detailed and sketchy than you'd typically see on an animated show, back then or now. It was inspired by illustrations found in earlier editions of the novel and it works surprisingly well. If I just read that, I would not assume heavily textured engravings could translate to animation, but they pulled it off. With this much linework, it's no wonder it's only a 25 minute short.

It is very short, but without a doubt it's the most successful of the TV specials so far. They figured out how to distill the story perfectly and keep it from feeling too rushed or incomplete. If you've only got a half hour, this is definitely the one to check out. Oh, almost forgot, it's neat to have Alistair Sim return to voice Scrooge. He's not the most recognizable voice, you wouldn't perk you rears up at the first line, immediately knowing it was him as Scrooge again, but he's a good Scrooge and it's a nice touch that adds an extra special touch.

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